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Let's be honest: there are a lot of problems to address in California right now. There are many issues to talk about, and no one can fix everything all at once: a responsible leader picks a handful of priorities to focus on.

Most politicians shape their priorities based on who gives them the most money. I will never do that - I'm running for office because of these priorities. Of course, I'll work on many other issues, but these priorities are the ones that are the most near and dear to my heart.

END the culture wars

Let's return to sanity and end the polarization and demonization of the "other" side. We have a responsibility to lead, and we cannot lead if we can't stand united.

take money out of politics

Our elected officials are available for sale - they award billions of dollars to the very same organizations that donate to their campaigns.

humans MUST rule over tech

Dominating tech companies treat you like your life is their product. We must ensure that humans rule over technology, not the other way around!

More than a newsletter - this is a real conversation with you, and will really shape my positions and platform!

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